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How to create a question
By Pollymetrix Support

How to create a question:

  • Select questions menu in the bottom left side of the dashboard menu
  • Click New & create question form will appear
  • In the title write down your question
  • Subtitle can be used if you want to describe your question in more depth for your users
  • Choose question type (Long text, radio, email, country list, multiple choice etc.)
  • Click on the value option to add the list of choices, labels to your radio questions or change how your question appears where applicable (turn numbers into emojis or stars, change switch to thumbs up/down etc.)
  • Once done click if you want to go back to the dashboard (now you will find all your saved questions in your question list)
  • Clicking save and new saves the question to your library, clears the template and enables you to continue making new questions

If you experience any issues, please use the live chat feature, or email us at