Pollymetrix v.0.7.0
By Pollymetrix Support

User & Company settings

  • Company details
  • Password reset
  • Account deletion
  • Social Links: once filled will populate values in push to social impact values
  • Company invitations only with registered users: one user can be a part of multiple companies
  • Api Key generator: enable to allow embedding survey to website

Theme Creator

  • Color picker
  • Logo upload supported
  • Font Picker
  • Progress bar changer
  • Social media links active
  • Theme bank active

Question Creator

  • Question creation activated within survey and in question library
  • 10 question types supported
  • Question variants available for radio: numbers, stars, smiley emoji
  • Question variants available for switch: thumbs
  • Question impact: negative impact values are directed to impact section
  • Question Impact: positive impact values enable social media push by survey taker (optional)
  • Questions automatically populate the question library
  • Clone, delete, edit enabled
  • Metrics active Brand favorability index
  • Metrics inactive CSAT, CES

Survey Creator

  • Create surveys from scratch
  • Unlimited number of survey steps
  • Step containing unlimited number of questions
  • Step logic active: This step depends on
  • Theme picker: if no theme chosen, default theme on
  • Custom intro and thank you message
  • Request personal info switch
  • Pollymetrix negative impact turnaround switch not active
  • Clone, edit, delete survey enabled
  • Only published surveys appear in analysis
  • Survey distribution via email, link, qr code and iframe (iframe and qr code require api to be enabled in company settings)

Survey Analysis

  • Basic survey analysis functional
  • Home screen BFI shows all BFI questions from all surveys sent out
  • BFI option on the drop down menu shows question by question breakdown
  • Survey picker on the home screen linear graph active
  • Choosing feedback in the menu list enables user to look into all the published and sent surveys
  • Details show linear graph of the selected survey
  • Feedback shows each individual survey
  • Question breakdown shows average values of each individual question in the selected survey
  • Date picker active

Audience List

  • Monthly bulk send limit 2000 emails over Pollymetrix AWS
  • Currently showing error once 2000 limit has been passed and will not send further
  • Audience creation active
  • Supported format .CVS
  • First Name, Last Name, email
  • Survey link will open the survey page

V. 0.71


  • Notification system
  • Email notifications
  • Changing linear graph on main page to show whole values
  • Changing BFI values to show percentages and averages score by score instead of current system
  • Adding CSAT
  • Adding geo maps visualization for countries list question (no address)
  • Adding tabular graphs to multiple choice question
  • Adding positive impact section showing positive impact trigger questions with values allowing user to access that exact survey on click



  • Result filtering
  • Increased number of graphs
  • Adding drop off score with audience send
  • Resend option
  • Randomize send option
  • Enabling call me option on negative impact question
  • New question types
  • Survey Templates will be added in existing libraries of current users and prepopulated into newly created accounts



  • IPA Analysis
  • More

Your feedback is important.

Note, this is a roadmap to current version and 2 following ones. There are many more enhancements planned.

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